Botox and Droopy Eyelids

Many people are interested in botox injections but are leary because of the possibility of droopy eyelids. In my experience, most plastic surgeons or botox administrators frown on the few injections that get rid of those pesky little wrinkles on the sides of the forehead. The last time I had these injections I was tired of having such strong wrinkles on the sides of my forehead (due to botox on the rest of my face) and I had forgotten the botox and droopy eyelid effects from the botox injections. As a result I initially had droopy eyelids that seemed very prominant and lasted a few days. I do workout consistently, however, and noticed that if I watched my salt intake and worked out a lot I didn’t notice them as much. It has been one month since I had these injections and I am happier that I did get the…Keep Reading

Skin Care Techniques

Why do we get them? Skin wrinkles are simply folds and lines on the skin that are a natural sign of aging most of the time and there is little we can do about that. Age makes skin cells become thinner and the elasticity reduces because collagen production in the body has diminished. The cells divide more slowly so the replacement of dead cells is not usually as fast as it should be. The fat cells under the skin also get smaller and are therefore not able to fill up those gaps created by the damage so the skin simply gives way and sags. The other reason id damage of your skin through exposure to the sun, too much time spent on the sun without protection exposes the skin to dangerous UV rays that are known to be harmful. The outer layer of the skin becomes thinner, and this encourages the…Keep Reading

Can They Stop the Aging Process?

While talking about anti aging skin care products, the first thing we are thinking of is women’s beauty, though today even men care about their appearance. Of course, anyone would like to look young forever, even though it is impossible to stop time.Is it possible to stop the aging of the skin? But recent researches have proven that it is possible to linger the aging process in spite of the fact it is a natural process. So on modern market modern vendor companies offer mostly two types of skin treatment products, as an effective solution for young and beautiful skin: 1. Vitamin C based anti aging skin products; 2. Phytochemicals.Vitamin C based anti aging skin products How work vitamin C based facial skin products? Among such skin care products, vitamin C based anti aging skin solutions are more popular and wide-spread. Such kinds of products are also considered anti-oxidants. Thanks…Keep Reading